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Keep your beautiful pink and white nails looking their best with the professional nails industry’s number one selling protective coat. Features a liquid plastic coating with UV inhibitors eliminating yellowing of pink and white nails for vibrant, beautiful nails all the time.


Is a High Gloss (U.V.) Acrylic Sealer for Pink & White acrylic nails 

  • Seals and Protects Pink & White acrylic nails from turning yellow
  • Seals and Protects acrylic nails from staining, due to make up, smoking, chemicals, etc...
  • Does not get sticky with Sunscreens, polish removers, household chemicals and cleansers
  • Easy to buff off
  • Air-dries in 30 seconds (Does not use a light!)
  • Easy, Fast & Convenient

Directions for a Polish Change:

  • Buff Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat" off nails
  • Buff nails with oil
  • Wash and dry hands
  • Apply 2-coats of Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat" to nails

Directions for Fill-ins:

  • Buff Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat" off nails
  • Proceed with fill-in
  • Wash and dry hands
  • Apply 2-coats of Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat" to nails


Directions to thin out Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat"
Using Tammy Taylor "Polish Rejuvenator":

  • Add a few drops of Tammy Taylor "Polish Rejuvenator" to Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat"

Re-apply lid and blend well, by rolling bottle back and forth in the palm of your hands.

IMPORTANT: The Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat" will not thin out immediately, so you must set it aside for a couple of hours to let the Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat" & the Tammy Taylor "Polish Rejuvenator" thoroughly blend.

Add more Tammy Taylor "Polish Rejuvenator" as needed, but be careful not to make Tammy Taylor "A+ Coat" too thin; you still want that nice thick shiny coating to protect your nails


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  • Manufactured by: Tammy Taylor

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